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Indiana Inpatient Rehab is one of the advanced treatment centers in Indiana for alcohol and drug addiction. We offer affordable treatment programs for addiction condition as well as co-occurring mental health illnesses.

How does CBT help recovering addicts?

CBT is an effective form of psychotherapy, where we help the recovering addicts understand and analyze their negative and harmful thoughts. Negative thoughts lead to negative and self-destructive behaviors which over time leads to addiction. We offer CBT both as a group session as well as an individual therapy to help patients make the most out this therapy in recovery.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an action-focused treatment approach that offers rapid results. CBT can equip patients with effective coping techniques and mechanisms within 2-3 months, and this therapy works well as a part of inpatient as well as outpatient programs. 

What happens in an AA meeting?

The decision to attend an AA meeting can make you feel nervous and uncomfortable as it involves you moving out of your comfort zone. Nobody likes admitting their problems to a complete set of strangers. Fortunately, an AA group is a set of people battling with similar addiction issues like you. It is a non-judgemental arena to speak out your heart. And you will get a lot of love, support, and valuable tips from fellow attendees as to how you can overcome addiction.

It is a group where members share their addiction stories, their recovery journey, their challenges, and how they avoid relapse, etc. AA attendees work together as a community in helping each other out towards a sober life. AA meetings are a platform for open and honest discussions that promotes healing.

Medically assisted detox

Medical detox is a treatment process where a doctor may use certain medications to remove toxic remains from your body. The purpose of medical detox is to help individuals manage withdrawal symptoms of quitting alcohol/drugs in a much calm, and pain-free manner. The whole process takes 7 – 10 days, and patients usually stay in a rehab facility or a hospital during this time.

We monitor our patients closely for 24 hours a day after detox to ensure their safety. Hence rehab facilities offer this procedure as a part of their inpatient rehab program. Detox is the first step of addiction treatment, and it paves the path for other psychotherapies to be effective in the recovery process.

Use of pleasant activity schedule in addiction treatment

This is a type of CBT technique where we encourage patients to indulge in fun and healthy activities in-between daily routines for relaxation. These are simple tasks that promote positive feelings and emotions in recovering addicts. We recommend this exercise to our patients to reduce the occurrence of negative automatic thoughts. These exercises are highly beneficial for recovering addicts that have stressful jobs and careers.

Take the first step to freedom by contacting Indiana Inpatient Rehab today. We are among the most experienced and few treatment centers in Indiana to develop customized treatment plans and alter them along the recovery process to the unique treatment needs of each patient in rehab.

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Treatment Centers In Indiana

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