Pelvic floor specialist near me Richmond VA

Pelvic floor specialist near me Richmond VA

The pelvic floor is a buzzword that carries so much weight when you look into it. Many people do not understand its impact on the general body health or the reproductive state; hence they have little idea how it can reclaim their healthy life.

The good news is you do not have to know everything there is about the pelvic floor to get the proper treatment. After examining your pelvic floor and understanding the genetic or conditional issues, the right therapist will decide for you.

Tips of choosing the best pelvic floor specialist near me in Richmond VA

Years of experience

Most therapists will have a master’s degree in physical therapy or several certificates and board memberships to give them the proper knowledge in the field. While these are not necessary, they are critical for you to choose a therapist in the field. Dr. Nathan is a seasoned specialist who has dealt with several pelvic floor issues and knows the exact remedies for different conditions.

Consultation skills

The length of the consultation appointment is crucial because it determines how the therapist diagnoses the patient. We strongly feel that one needs at least thirty minutes of in-depth consultation to express their symptoms and history of pelvic floor complications. Sometimes, we spend approximately one hour going through your medical records and can accurately map out the big picture of your reproductive health. Do not hesitate to contact us to educate you on the particular condition and create an approach that will eradicate or manage your pelvic floor issues with ease.

Internal and external treatments

The physical therapist must perform both internal and external exams to look beyond the surface symptoms. We need to establish the precise causes of your discomfort or pain, such as looking at the lumbar, thoracic, and abdominal regions and the internal organs under the pelvic organs.

These data will help us to determine whether you have a bone issue or an internal illness like endometriosis and PID, among several others. We can guarantee that the pelvic floor specialist will have an extensive list of your ailments and treatment because we have a lengthy history of working with clients with many similar conditions.

Specialized education

The pelvic prolapse specialist in Reston must have several years of experience to offer the best treatment on any pelvic floor complication. Often, clinics will claim they specialize in pelvic floor issues when they only have a weekend of training and one certificate to show for it. Make sure you go through the clinic’s website to establish their qualification and treat challenging and complicated issues that trouble the inexperienced doctor.


The bottom line of screening any clinic or specialist is to figure out how they will handle your case. This case means you must ask all the right questions during the consultation such as, how to fix a prolapse without surgery and stages of pelvic organ prolapse. We encourage you to explore urogynecology, and sexual wellness treatments, then contact us online for further clarification.


Pelvic floor specialist near me Richmond VA