Pasadena Drug Treatment Center

Pasadena Drug Treatment Center

If you are like many of the good people who come to our Pasadena drug treatment center for help with a bad problem, you probably never thought addiction would happen to you. The trouble is, addiction can happen to anyone.

How did you get a drug habit?

Many people who find themselves addicted arrived at that problematic situation through no fault of their own. Prescription pain relievers¬†such as Vicodin, OxyContin, and Lortab are so habit-forming, most people who take them for more than a few days get hooked. If your doctor prescribed strong opiate medicine after an injury, they probably helped very much. If you now find that you feel awful without pain meds in your system, don’t worry. Confidential and effective treatment is available today at Pax House Pasadena drug treatment center.

Some folks experiment with drugs and like them so much the first time; they take them again and again. Such is the case with cigarettes and opiates, too. Once the brain is used to having a specific substance, it can be very upsetting to go without. Withdrawals are real, and also one of the main reasons people generally can’t quit without help at a qualified Pasadena drug treatment center or other professional rehab facilities.

How rehab works

The first step toward getting well is admitting that there’s a problem. Once that happens, a Pasadena drug treatment center can help. Over time, drug abuse takes its toll on the body, so before treatment can begin, it’s imperative that each rehab guest undergoes detoxification wherein the body metabolizes drugs out of the system. All Pax House clients start with a 24 to 72-hour detox period. During this period, the client is medically monitored 24/7 and may be offered special medications to ease the discomfort of withdrawal.

Clients who require medical detox are provided this compassionate service before the real work of rehab begins. Methadone or Suboxone may be used to help the addict flush addictive drugs out of their blood, brain, and body. These special detox drugs have a longer half-life than opiates, so not much is needed to ease the patient through the throes of withdrawal. These drugs, if used, are gently tapered off, so the client feels little if any anxiety as their body gets clean.

Once the client is physically stabilized, the real work of rehab begins. First, assessments will be performed to determine the addict’s readiness for sobriety. Here at Pax House Pasadena drug recovery center, addicts discover how to live happily and healthfully without the troublesome crutch of addiction.

Pax House provides patients the tools needed to rebuild a life. Our Pasadena drug treatment center is a safe environment in which to learn why addiction happened and how to overcome the urge to use. Safety and serenity are the names of the game at Pax House. We offer 30, 60 and 90-day treatment plans that are custom-made for each guest. Located at 460 E Sacramento St. in Altadena, Pax House has helped many people kick the habit, and we can help you, too.