Newport Beach Rehab Center

Newport Beach Rehab Center

Christian rehabs tackle the issue of addiction by referring to spiritual doctrines in their faith. We are proponents of the thought behind this practice because Christianity is a powerful spiritual approach transforming the mind and habit of its believers. Joining a rehab that helps you curb self—destructive habits by letting you know that you can trust in a higher power is one of the most important things you can do for your life. You get to relax and know that God has the best interest for you and uses his earthly beings to comfort and help through treatment.

Reasons to join a Christian drug rehab in Newport Beach CA

We build genuine relationships

Many treatment centers in Newport Beach deter people when they fail to treat patients as human beings who need compassion and spiritual support. We understand that treating addiction is about more than getting you through all the steps of addiction. The end goal of our Christian-based rehab is to build a real genuine relationship with each of our patients and bring them to the light of the Christian faith.

Our faith-based detox facilities in Newport Beach embrace the fact that each human is bound to fail now and then but that God offers space and grace for you to grow despite all your human errs. We found that this doctrine alone goes a long way in inviting patients to the Newport Beach rehab center, giving them comfort instead of stigma and shame.

Inspire confidence

A faith-based program can be a lot of different things depending on its management policies. An example is some will not always offer the amount of grace that accommodates relapses because they are too judgemental and lack the love of Christ in their heart. How are we different?

Sober Partners is not a church where people come to read the Bible and ignore their depression, anxiety, and temptations. We want you to talk about everything you would not bring up to a pastor or church because we have nurtured the perfect balance between humanity, spirituality, and professional rehab services. Our faith-based program inspires this confidence because we make it easy for you to remain human, maintain your faith, and pursue successful treatment.

Includes secular programs

Yes, you read that right. Faith-based recovery centers miss out on getting better results when they exclude secular approaches to their treatment. We need to learn about the effectiveness of secular approaches because some of them are just science-based methods with great insight into severe neurological issues. You can expect our program to embrace studies and findings that support successful rehab programs without compromising the Christian faith or God’s intent on your life.

Affordable fees

Newport beach drug and alcohol rehab centers can be scarily expensive, especially when they offer executive programs. Our Christian rehab aims to walk you through all treatment programs without a selfish interest in your financial compensations. Our drug rehab in Orange County focuses on giving you the best spiritual and scientific programs possible because we know the bigger picture is about leading you to Christ and helping you find freedom with your relationship in Christ.

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Newport Beach Rehab Center

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Newport Beach Rehab Center

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