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Circle 58.


We can all be thrown off by life’s challenges and become sidetracked. But sometimes the challenges are simply too devastating to navigate alone and we need a hand up. That’s where The Gatehouse steps in — to help women and children with ample time, safe refuge, practical resources and nurturing relationships for permanent change.

lisa jodi circle58Because when cycles of abuse, poverty and helplessness are disrupted and transformed into self-supportiveness, generations of lives are saved.

At Circle 58, we are determined to provide long-term financial support so The Gatehouse can be fully prepared, at all times, to help women and children discover new paths to thrive.

In 2018, 85 families with approximately 185 children will be working the Independent Life Program for permanent change. So The Gatehouse team continues to think big, for the sake of each woman and child who are giving it their all so their hearts and homes are transformed forever.

That is why we were led to help create Circle 58 — a unique circle of women who support The Gatehouse by re-gifting some of what they’ve been given so others receive a hand up when they need it most. If 100 women join annually at $5,800 each, that provides so many resources we couldn’t begin to list them here. Women of all ages are invited to join the Circle, and it’s also a unique way to honor other women in your life with a membership.

We appreciate you considering if this might be an avenue where you could passionately connect with The Gatehouse families. Please call (817) 912-0317 if you want to discuss Circle 58 or to tour the completed community. You are needed and appreciated.

With best regards for you,

Jodi Lash & Lisa Rose
Co-founders, Circle 58

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