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The Gatehouse Program

The Gatehouse is an empowerment program for women — whether single or with children — who are overcoming a crisis, such as abuse or underemployment.

The Gatehouse Program is designed for women who are ready to heal, embark on a full-time career path and commit to participating in a challenging, but rewarding journey which will empower them to become permanently self-sustainable.

Enrollment in the Program requires Members to live on campus, so they are surrounded by a team of experts who love and lead them through their journey to permanent change.

Other Resources

Action and Safety Plan

Often, the first step towards safety and change involves having a plan. For guidance on creating an Action and Safety Plan, click on the link below.


Housing and Other Resources

The Gatehouse is not an emergency shelter or a housing program. For a list of North Texas shelters, transitional housing and supportive living communities and other types of resources, click the link below.