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Pledge Your Birthday.


For your special day, ask friends and family to send a donation to The Gatehouse instead of buying presents.


100% of your donations will go toward something specific that a family needs. When that need is met, we’ll let you know exactly where your money went.

Need a Hand Up?

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The Gatehouse a supportive living community for women — whether single or with children — leaving a crisis, such as abuse, poverty, homelessness, tragic divorce or other reasons. To see the minimum eligibility requirements, as well as refer a woman or yourself for possible enrollment, click here to learn more.

Upcoming Events

Learn more about The Gatehouse and take a tour at one of our Gatehouse Information Gatherings (GIG). For information about GIGs and other upcoming events or to register for an event, click here.

Amazon Wishlist

The Gatehouse’s Amazon Wish List is always updated with our current needs. Buy an item or consider hosting a party with purpose using the registry. Another way to support us while shopping on Amazon is through smile.amazon.com. You’ll find us under projectHandUp – The Gatehouse.

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