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Adopt a Family / Residence.

adoptLeave a lasting legacy by sponsoring a family’s journey through the Independent Life Program.

Join the Adopt a Family Giving Circle — the commitment can be for 1 or 2 years and provides a woman and her children food, clothing, auto maintenance, counseling, life skills training, a portion of healthcare costs, child care and more.

$35,000 walks a family through the program for 1 year;
$70,000 walks a family through the program for 2 years.

Email Wade Parker to talk details.

When a woman’s basic necessities are fulfilled, she is freed to heal, set goals, begin a new career and take care of her children. Here are examples of real costs facing future Gatehouse families:

• Education, $1,000/mo
• Child care, $900/mo
• Vehicles, $6,000
• Gas/repairs, $375/mo
• Clothing, $1,800
• Food/supplies, $400/mo
• Counseling, $300/mo
• Furnishings, $2,800
• Health, $200/mo

Note: Some families may remain in the Program up to 2½ years in order to complete formal education.

Supply new, practical items for families’ temporary home during their Gatehouse stay.

Decorate a residence: $2,800

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