Child occupation therapy

Child occupation therapy

One condition that makes people struggle when bringing the child into therapy is whether they need the treatment. You will wonder whether the issue is critical enough for them to need professional assistance. Other parents assume they have a faulty judgment because no one else seems to note the child’s problems. Such cases, more often than not, need an occupational therapist to jumpstart or upkeep the child’s development.

Does my child need occupational therapy?

Social developmental delays

Occupational therapy will help children overcome major social awkwardness. Social interaction skills will help forge bonds and build relationships with people likely to understand them. A child with delayed social skills will exhibit some or all of the following traits:

  • Avoidance of eye contact during a conversation
  • Difficulty in building healthy bonds with peers of an appropriate age
  • Hardship in adapting to new environments or a social circle
  • Slow communication or language skills
  • Difficulty coping in a healthy school environment

A hardship on social interactions will also manifest as inappropriate play skills. This case is because they lack the right motor and cognitive abilities to solve problems and develop the right social skills. Problems with play will show up as the following:

  • Hesitance in exploring new toys
  • Repetitive play for hours
  • Preference in playing along or with a group with the massive age difference, such as adults or extremely young individuals
  • An erratic play habit such as constant motion without actual enjoyment in any particular game
  • Difficulty in enjoying regular interaction during play, such as sharing and taking a turn with toys

Delayed motor skills

Delayed motor skills are the most apparent developmental issues. Poor motor skills introduce struggle to children, forcing them to require massive control, strength, and skill performing simple tasks like using a pencil. You can notice difficulty in motor skills before the child joins a school by observing how they handle simple jobs like using utensils and toys. The manifested problem will manifest as problematic writing or computer use on a school level.

Children with severe motor skills will have difficulty with balance, endurance, coordination, and strength. It will be painful for them to climb stairs, walk, and play catch, among other simple issues.

Sensory issues

Children with sensory disorders will quickly benefit from pediatric occupational therapy. The child may overact or have minimal response to taste, sound, or smell. Sensory processing needs occupational therapy to recalibrate the child’s neurological condition.

Stepping Stones evaluates the child with tested and verified standardized assessment tests and clinical exams. The therapist will interview all necessary parties to determine how the child will benefit. We will estimate the entire duration that will offer the best occupational therapy for kids, and determine whether to increase or decrease the intensity of treatment.

You will learn more about your options for occupational therapy for children by calling (509) 209-7429 or sending an email. Our compassionate and skilled occupational therapists near me are here to help in early intervention that allows the child to thrive and learn in various environments.


Child occupation therapy