Career Track

A pathway to a brighter future that starts with you.

If you’re a single woman who is unemployed or underemployed due to recent or potential divorce, separation or death of a spouse, the Career Track can help you focus on building your career and equipping you to create a foundation for permanent self-sustainability.

While working on your career, you’ll receive:

  • A fully furnished, beautiful rent-free spacious apartment for you (and your children) on our gated campus in Grapevine, TX with ample parking and 24/7 security

  • Access to campus amenities including a large playground, sports court, stocked pond, outdoor grilling and picnic area

  • No-cost resources, such as childcare, legal assistance, basic medical care, counseling and more

  • A team of experts who strategize and encourage you as you work towards your long-term goals and prepare you for your career


Minimum Eligibility Requirements

  • A woman 21 years or older, single or in the process of becoming single
  • US citizen or permanent resident fluent in English and currently living in the DFW metroplex
  • With or with dependent children (up to 2 children, aged 12 months to senior in high school eligible to live in Tarrant County)
  • Have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED
  • No active addictions with sustained sobriety for at least the last three years (including no smoking, vaping, or tobacco use)
  • Have a valid Texas driver’s license and reliable vehicle
  • Ready, willing and able to work full-time with an uninterrupted ability to work (not actively on disability, workman’s compensation, retired, or pregnant
  • Have the ability to produce a family-sustaining wage.
  • Not planning to pursue entrepreneurial goals, including business startup, during enrollment in the Gatehouse Career Track
  • Not currently in school or planning to enroll during enrollment in The Gatehouse Career Track

Applying is fast and easy… and no cost to you!

If you meet the Minimum Eligibility Requirements listed above, click on the button below to submit a Program Interest Form and start the application process.

In just a few minutes you can complete the Program Interest Form from your phone. Apply today while space is still available.

About the application process

  • Meeting these minimum eligibility requirements and submitting a Program Interest Form ensures an applicant will be considered but does not guarantee an invitation to apply, an interview or admissions into our Program.
  • Applicants will receive a response within 2 to 3 weeks of submitting a Program Interest Form.
  • If an applicant is invited to apply, the application process can take up to 8 weeks, depending on how completely and quickly the applicant returns required information (the application process includes an application, background check, interview and drug screening). Being invited to apply or interview does not guarantee admissions.
  • If unemployed, must obtain employment within 45 days of admission.
  • If an applicant is not selected for our Program, we do not discuss reasons for the denial with the applicant or their representative.

Why does The Gatehouse want to help women overcome temporary hardships?

From our founding in 2015, The Gatehouse’s mission has been to give women a hand up for permanent positive change.

We understand that sometimes an unexpected, temporary hardship can take aways a woman’s hope. But we believe that when a woman believes that her future can be brighter than her past and she has a role in making it happen, she can accomplish anything.

We’re here to give a hand up so women can regain hope as they change the trajectory of their lives and their children’s lives and experience the dignity of earned success as they are equipped to create a foundation for lifelong self-sustainability.

The Gatehouse is a 501c3 based in Grapevine, Texas, serving women living in the DFW area.

About The Career Track

While participating in The Gatehouse Career Track, you live on our campus as we give you a hand up based on need, with childcare, legal issues, financial training, parenting and professional counseling so you can focus on:

  • Working full-time, preferably in your chosen career field
  • Addressing and overcoming the predominant barriers impacting self-sustainability through a Personal Empowerment Plan
  • Participating in all Gatehouse Program requirements, including weekly coaching sessions, skills classes and groups
  • Following Community Safety Rules
  • Ensuring children are fully engaged in the Family Life Program


We believe in the dignity of earned success, which means we walk alongside you as you work to address the immediate barriers that hold you back from becoming permanently self-sustaining.

And, through the various phases of the Career Track, you’ll learn problem-solving skills, so you are equipped to positively address challenges that come into your life, continue to achieve your remaining goals, and maintain lifelong stability and independence.


Goals for Our Graduates 

If you fully engage in the Career Track, you should be able to achieve the following by graduation:

  • Employed in a full-time job in desired career path which leads to earning a family-sustaining wage
  • Reduced or eliminated debt and improved credit score, have a savings account and able to create and manage a household budget
  • Developed skills to manage emotional, financial, and spiritual health so you can maintain lifelong self-sustainability
  • Addressed or in the process of addressing legal issues
  • Has skills to manage a household and established a positive parenting style