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a hand up for permanent change.

The Gatehouse Program empowers women and children overcoming crisis to become permanently self-sustainable.

We give a hand up so families achieve the dignity of earned success through a career-based income, financial stability, and the skills to manage their emotional, spiritual and physical health.

Our evidence-based curriculum provides accountability and resources based on the individual’s needs and goals. While Members are enrolled at The Gatehouse, they are loved and guided through the Program by a team of experts and live on our 61-acre, privately funded and debt-free campus.

We are not a shelter or short-term solution but serve those who have the attitude and ability to work for permanent change. We fill that gap in our community between short-term services and permanent self-sustainability.

We Serve Women Who Are:

  • Alone, with or without children
  • Attempting to recover from an at-risk situation such as abuse, divorce or underemployment
  • At least 21 years old
  • Of any ethnicity, race and socioeconomic status
  • Willing and able to work for permanent, positive change

We primarily serve women from Tarrant and Dallas counties, as well as Northeast Texas. In special cases, we serve women from other states who need to change their location to ensure safety and anonymity.

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my time at The Gatehouse was


“Thank you for all the resources and opportunities to focus on learning and personal development during my family’s time here: this is priceless. Nowhere else would I have had the chance to accomplish what I am now. I am determined to set a good example, be a success story, and inspire others to make the most of their circumstances. I love the provisions God has given my family through The Gatehouse.”

2018 Gatehouse Graduate

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With your support, The Gatehouse can continue to empower the under-served and support women and children as they change the trajectory of their lives.

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