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What We See In Our Society.

Family violence

  • More than 12,000 incidents of family violence in Tarrant County and more than 24,000 incidents in Dallas County were reported during 2011. Texas Department of Public Safety, The Texas Crime Report 2011
  • “Shelters see increase in abused women … the record influx is straining the nonprofit agencies’ budgets.” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, July 2012
  • One in four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime; more than one in three of all Texans report having personally experienced at least one form of domestic violence, either severe, verbal and/or forced isolation from friends and family, at some point. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence; Texas Council on Family Violence
  • 30%-60% of perpetrators of intimate partner violence also abuse children in the household. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • 50% of girls growing up in an abusive home will go on to be victims of abuse themselves; boys who witness domestic violence are twice as likely to abuse their own partners and children when they become adults. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence


  • Three years after being released, 22.6% of inmates had returned to prison in Texas. Texas Department of Criminal Justice, 2009


  • Homelessness costs $30 million each year in Tarrant County. Cost of Homelessness in Tarrant County, Texas Fiscal Year 2007 Study, City of Fort Worth Planning & Zoning Department
  • Dallas County taxpayers spend about $50 million a year sheltering, treating and jailing the homeless. The Dallas Morning News, August 2009
  • 1,012 Dallas children were homeless in January 2012. Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance, 2012 Dallas Homeless Count
  • 1,164 Tarrant County children were homeless, a third of the homeless population. Mayor’s Advisory Commission on Homelessness, City of Fort Worth, 2007


  • 27% of Texas children lived in poverty during 2011, up nearly 600,000 children in the past decade. National KIDS COUNT via Kids Count Data Center
  • 76% of the homeless in Dallas were unemployed or underemployed in January 2012. Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance, 2012 Dallas Homeless Count
  • Average fair market rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Dallas County is $887 per month and $924 per month in Tarrant County. In order for someone to rent an apartment at these rates, they must work full time and earn at least $16.63 an hour, more than twice the national minimum wage. HUD, FY 2013 Fair Market Rent Documentation System
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