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The Need.

A House Built At A Gateway. A Place To Provide Protection. A Pathway To Permanent Change.

bigstock-Portrait-of-a-happy-mother-and-43939885Each person’s path in life is different, each journey unique. We can all be thrown off by life’s challenges and become sidetracked. But sometimes the challenges are simply too devastating to navigate alone and we need a hand up. That’s where The Gatehouse steps in – to help women and children in crisis discover their new path for permanent change.


Our current social landscape is littered with the debris of poverty, domestic violence, unemployment, hopelessness and helplessness. Every 9 seconds a woman is assaulted, 1 in 5 children lives in poverty and of the people in poverty, 45 percent are single women and moms. Temporary assistance for women in crisis through shelters and emergency agencies is the beginning of their journey toward healing, self-supportiveness and fulfillment of their God-given potential. But the journey must continue after these temporary services have ended. A fully integrated supportive living community is needed to help ensure permanent change.

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